Endocrinology Meet Organizing Committee

Fakhery Bani Issa

Nursing Director | Quality Consultant
Jordan University of Science & Technology

Biography: Dr. Fakhery Bani Issa, has Over 27 years of experience in healthcare, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Health Care, Critical Care, Patient Saftey

Mojtaba Mafi

Medical Doctor | Physician
Tehran University School of Medicine

Biography: Dr. Mojtaba Mafi M.D., Medical Doctor/ Physician, graduated from Tehra ReadMore...

Research Interest: Fatty liver and Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes and Nutrition, Cli ReadMore...

Nizar Abdul Majeed

Senior Lecturer | Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
University Tunku Abdul Rahman

Biography: Mr. Nizar is an astute physical therapist and sagacious rehab science ReadMore...

Research Interest: Life-Sciences & Healthcare, Diabetes, Cognitive Fitness

Ian James Martins

Edith Cowan University

Biography: Dr. Ian Martins is a Reveiwer for Open Acess Pub and various other int ReadMore...

Research Interest: Diabetes & Endocrinology

Yanfei (Jacob) Qi

Head, Diabetes Lipid Metabolism Laboratory, Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine & Cell Biology Conjoint Lecturer, Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney Adjunct Lecturer, School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, The University of NSW
Centenary Institute

Biography: Yanfei (Jacob) Qi is establishing his scientific reputation in lipid r ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dysregulated lipid metabolism is a well-known risk factor in ReadMore...

Mohd. Akhtar

Sr. Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (Formerly: Faculty of Pharmacy), Jamia Hamdard, Mahruali Badarpur Road, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi, 110062, INDIA
Jamia Hamdard

Biography: Presently Dr. MOHD. AKHTAR working as Senior Assistant Professor in th ReadMore...

Research Interest: Diabetes & Endocrinology

Rachna (Hathi) Mazumder

M.D. (Medicine), D.M. (Endocrinology), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin.),CONSULTANT DIABETOLOGIST AND ENDOCRINOLOGIST Fortis Hospitals, Kolkata, India
Fortis Hospital Kolkata

Biography: An experienced and caring clinician with extensive experience in carin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Diabetes & Endocrinology


Professor of Medicine,
University of Florida College of Medicine

Biography: Joe Michel Chehade is a Professor of Medicine University of Florida Co ReadMore...

Research Interest: ongoing research 1. Chehade JM, Haas MJ. Effects of GLP-1 & ReadMore...

Christo J.F. Muller

Chief Specialist Scientist
Biomedical Research and Innovation Platform (BRIP),
South Africa

Biography: Prof Muller focuses his research on the potential role of phenolic com ReadMore...

Research Interest: Metabolic disease (pathophysiology, prevention, and treatmen ReadMore...

Joseph Fomusi Ndisang

Associate Professor,
University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine,

Biography: Dr. Joseph Fomusi Ndisang is an Associate Professor in the University ReadMore...

Research Interest: His research is mainly focused on investigating the role of ReadMore...

Professor Dr.Sermin Kesebir

Professor of Psychiatry
NPIstanbul Brain Hospital

Biography: Born in Germany in 1972. He completed his specialist education at Ege ReadMore...

Research Interest: Bipolar Disorder

Parag Singhal

Nuffield Health hospital
United Kingdom

Biography: I have been a consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology for the last 13 ReadMore...

Research Interest: All diabetes related diseases and diabetic foot. Special in ReadMore...

Gerald C. Hsu

eclaireMD Foundation

Biography: Gerald C. Hsu received an honorable Ph.D. in mathematics and majored i ReadMore...

Research Interest: preventive medicine